• 6 North Gill Street Hazlehurst, GA. 31539



Significant Customers & Approvals

GMC & FMC (second tier), Marathon Oil Westinghouse Nuclear, GE Appliance, General Motors, Robert Bosch, Martin Marietta, Fridigaire, RobertShaw,  Brooks Instruments, Makita Corporation, IBM Research, Blodgett Oven, Rayethon, Savannah River Research, Hitachi, John Deere, Eaton, Makita USA, Morton Thiakil, Squard D, Black & Decker


Materials Used

Compressed Sheet: Non-Asbestos

Beater Add Rolls: Non-Asbestos

Packing: Non-Asbestos, PTFE

Fiberglass Composites

Ceramic Papers

Felt: Wool, Synthetic, NomexTMcomposites

Aramid Fiber Composites: (KevlarTM)

Carbon Fiber Composites

High Pressure & Temperature Composites service to 1100 C 2000 (PSI)

Flexible Graphite: (Expanded GrafoilTM), Graphite & Metal Composites, Carbon Fiber Graphite Composites, Graphite Tape

Mica: Muscovite & Phlogopite Composite Sheet (Continuous Service Temp. 1100 C)

Plastics, Solids & Foams: Fluorocarbon – FTFE (TeflonTM), PVC, ABC, Polyethylene (PE), MylarTM, PET, Polyester, ultemTM, Nulon, Acetyl-copolymer (DelrinTM), KaptonTMTedlarTM

Rubber, Solid & Foam (Sponge):Natural (gum); Synthetics to include Nitrile, Buna N Chloloprene Neoprene, Epichlorohydrin, EPDM), SBR, SantopreneTM; HypalonTM; Ployester-urethane (AU), Ployether urethane (EU) Silicone Rubber Fluorosilicone; Food Grade (FDA approved)

Wire Inserted Rubber (RFI/EMI shield)

Paper: Tag, Bond, Fish, Kraft

Leather: Mil Spec, Mold Resistant

Aluminia: (AL2O3) Paper Composites

Metals: (.010″ thick max); copper, Lead

Cord and Cork-Rubber


Partial Listing of Material Suppliers

Armstrong: Non-asbestos gasket material

Global Cork: Composition & Cork rubber

CHR Industries: Silicone rubber

General Electric

Klinger: Compressed sheet gasket material

Victor Dana: Non-asbestos gasket mtl.

Cogebi: Mica composite material

Tetrafluor: PTFE material

American National Rubber: Foam Rubber

Union Carbide Grafoil: Expanded graphite

Industrial Coated Fabrics: Cloth inserted rubber

Garlock: gylon, seals, non-asbestos material

Lydall: non-asbestos gasket material



Fiberflex: Detroiter, Fibercork

Dodge Cork: Cork Resin, Cork Rubber

Technicon: Acoustical Foam Rubber

Kuriyama: Synthetic & Natural Rubber

E.A.R.: Sound, Vibration Dampening Foams

Poron: Urethane, Silicon Foam Rubber

Buckeye Rubber: Synthetic & Natural Rubber

Warco: Synthetic Rubber

Kirkhill: Synthetic & Natural Rubber

Rubberlite: Foam & Sponge Rubber

National Felt: Wool & Synthetic Felt


Quality Control, Standards a& Specifications

QS9000 compliant (automotive)

Mil-I-45208: US Military Prime contractor

ASTM, SAE, Fed Spec, Mil-Spec, AMC, JIS (Japan Ind. Standards.)

Packaging: Commercial, Military, Bar Coding


Information Systems

Central System: LAN Integrated Production / Inventory

Paperless Electronic Order/Shipping/Invoice/payment Capable (modem) ANSI X 12 EDI

CAD/CAM Capable AutoCad v. 12 to include modem/email transfer of drawings


Partial List of Production Equipment

Preco 20 ton automatic press

Kluge Automatic platen presses 10 to 20 tons

Imperia 40 ton platen press

Punch presses, 5 to 45 tons for intermediate runs

Clicker presses for short run & prototype

Material preparation: slitter, sheeter, shear