Die Cutting: Prototypes to 10,000,000 Parts, all materials from sheet and roll goods, Kiss Cutting

Dies: Steel Rule, Compound, & Laser Cut

Prototype and Reverse Engineered Parts

Custom Gaskets & Seals

Custom Assembly & Packaging:Military and Commercial, Bar Coding

Material Preparation: Slitting, Sheeting, Shearing

PSA Adhesive Systems: Rubber & Acrylic

Custom Die cut Shapes: All non-metallic materials to customer design

Gaskets: High Pressure 2000 PSI; High Temp. to 3000°C; Low Temp. to -240°C; Heat Insulating to 2300°C; Conductive; Electrical Barrier 20 KV/mm; RMI/EMI Shielding; Electrically Conductive

Gasket Sets: Overhaul; Spar Parts Kits; Assembly Line Support (station kits)

Shims: Metallic, Non-Metallic

Molded Rubber: Rubber to Metal Bonded Sound & Vibration Barrier / Dampening

Diaphragms: Chemically Resistant, Cloth insert Sells: Dynamic (rotational shaft), Static Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

Parts: Rubber / Acrylic / Adhesive Systems, Silicone & Teflon compatible Electrical Insulating Parts (to 20 KVA) O’Rings, Commercial and Mil. Spec.:PTFE, Metric, Metal, Copper, VitronTM, Plastic, Graphite, Copper, Lead Bushings: Lubricating (felt0, Rubber (solid and foam)

Temperature Barrier Insulation

Temperature Conductive (heat dissipating)